Franchise Opportunities

SleepOver now offers you one of the most lucrative franchise business opportunities available for far less than you think. You could be fully operational, earning an exceptionally good inflation beating income within 120 days by becoming a SleepOver franchise owner or joint venture co-owner with us.

Benefits of Owning a SleepOver Franchise

SleepOver is South Africa's first low-cost accommodation franchise business focusing on comfortable, secure, affordable accommodation to travellers. Franchises are being established adjacent to en-route filling stations, at the entrances to secondary towns, at tourism destinations and in suburban hubs.

Our price point will drive occupancy by making overnight accommodation and long-distance travel more affordable and accessible to a larger portion of the population and attractive to the budget traveller.

We offer you, the franchisee, a "plug-and-play" business that can be erected on owned or leased land to be operational within 120 days. A potential franchisee should have access to approximately one hectare of strategically located land with high visibility, road access and the required services. This could be farm land with access to tourism attractions, roadside facilities on regional roads, entrances to secondary towns or suburban land close to filling stations or travel hubs, office or industrial parks or existing recreation facilities wishing to expand their public offering.

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You are closer to earning a substantial income through
your own business than you thought possible.

Is it the right investment for you?

Our franchise fee includes the building, furnishing and equipping of a suitable size SleepOver for far less than you expect and supports your business with training, centralised management and marketing systems that will benefit you as a franchise partner and provide you with lucrative self-employment.

If you are thinking about early retirement but want to stay busy - without the risks and pressure associated with a traditional business - a SleepOver is worth considering. If you are a SMME/BEE start-up wanting to get into business and need a mentoring franchisor to get you going - then a SleepOver would be an ideal option. If you are a land owner that wants to earn additional income from fallow land, then a SleepOver could be your answer.

Own a Small Business

SleepOver also answers the need for transformation in the tourism industry by enabling Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) and especially black entrepreneurs, to enter the hospitality sector through franchising. This will not only enable us to expand and rapidly grow our footprint in partnership with committed business owners, it will also give SMMEs an opportunity to partner with experienced hotel industry and franchise experts to benefit from involvement in the growing tourism industry while lowering the risks associated with owning their own business.

Modern Design

Our SleepOvers are of modular construction and fully scalable to demand. The average size will be 30 or more two and four sleeper en-suite accommodation units (rooms) plus a convenience store which includes the reception and housekeeping facilities.

Become a Franchisee

Our franchise business model enables potential franchisees to enter the hotel industry at the lowest possible fixed and operating cost and to be operational within 120 days of finalisation of land and site services. As a franchise business, all marketing is centrally driven and managed. The franchisee buys into a "plug and play" business where we provide everything other than day-to-day operational management.

What are you waiting for?